Tadeja Borstnar and Charmian Redwood invite you to once-in-a-lifetime retreat with wisdom keepers

Aug. 31st – Sep. 7th, 2019 

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Swimming with the Whales in Moorea (Tahiti) with whale whisperer Charmian Redwood and myself begins end of August 2019.

  • Join the attracting group of sweet souls in this life-changing journey.
  • This is an excellent time to unplug from the world and dive deeply into untold worlds of bliss and record keeper song.
  • The Humpbacks have long been held among the most mystical animal communicators and I’ve been captivated by them since my first encounter in 2012.
  • This is surely going to be an adventure of a lifetime. If you feel the invite to join, too, we’d love to have you.


  •  Floating in the water, with the song of the whales vibrating throughout your body.
  • Feeling your heart pound as a mama whale or brand new baby come close to check you out.
  • Watching from the boat as the males power through the water, racing their opponents to mate.
  • Join us in an extraordinary adventure swimming with the whales in the mornings and our sharings and even deeper connection to them on many different levels in the afternoons with Lemurian Charmian Redwood.

Our home for six nights and seven days is a brand new premier beach resort on the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia. It is your ultimate paradise isle dream come true! We will be living on one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world in individual bungalows or suites with kitchens so you can cook your meals if you like. There are many fabulous restaurants nearby we can all go to together for dinners (self pay).

Mo’orea is the mystical place that is said to be the navel of the earth and built in the shape of the heart. We will connect with this ascension energy during the retreat and also discover the island’s jungle on our ½ day hike to the sacred ruins.This is a once in a lifetime adventure and one of only two places in the world where people are able to swim in the water with the Humpback Whales and their babies.


Aug. 31st  – Sep. 7th, 2019 

Why are whales so special?

There is deep wisdom here. Many of us believe that the humpback whales are the ancient wisdom keepers of the planet. It’s as if they hold records of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be, within their beings.

“In Native teachings whales are metaphorically described as swimming libraries. It is believed that within the vast intellect of whale is held the Akashic Records containing all knowledge and experience in the history of all life. Whales are honored as the Record Keepers of the cosmos. Their strange song rings a knowing of astral realms and elemental depths beyond our comprehension. They are an audible reflection of the cosmos, dreaming and awake at once.” ~Jess Hagen

The whales came to Earth for the stars to hold the vibration of pure love that the planet is now moving into in the Ascension process. The experience of looking into the eye of a whale brings a deep healing for your heart and expands your consciousness into the vastness of your own cosmic being. You will never be the same again.

We will journey together into the ancient land of Lemuria where we came to the Earth in the beginning with the whales and dolphins to bring the light from the stars. This is the time now for the Earth to return to the light and so the whales are calling us to commune with them and helping us to remember who we are.

About Tadeja and Charmian

Tadeja Borštnar

Tadeja has been traveling to many places around the world, due to her work and soul desires.. untill she reached Hawaii in 2012. It was love on first sight.. with the land, people, aloha and – dolphins. So much so that she moved to Hawaii… spending hours and hours in the water with dolphins who have brought some fundamental changes in her life. And after the dolphins – came the whales. Every time she was gifted with spending time in the ocean close to the whales, it was heart opening and healing…and so much mor. Now she enjoys sharing her experiences with others – in a way that she provides retreats in places, where she knows you will be captivated with the nature, accomodation and the dolphins and whales encounters beyond anything you thought is possible. Moorea being one of them.
Tadeja’s 25 years of experiences in organizing travels all arround the world is assuring your safety and best quality of service during the trip.

Charmian Redwood

Charmian had an NDE where she returned to the Source and reclaimed Oneness. Since that time she has devoted her life to assisting others to experience their own Divine Essence through the use of Hypnotherapy. She is now a channel for teachers of the Higher Realms including whales and dolphins who are helping humanity to prepare themselves for Ascension. She teaches classes on self-empowerment.

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