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Tadeja Borštnar

Tadeja has been traveling to many places around the world, due to her work and soul desires.. untill she reached Hawaii in 2012. It was love on first sight.. with the land, people, aloha and – dolphins. So much so that she moved to Hawaii… spending hours and hours in the water with dolphins who have brought some fundamental changes in her life. And after the dolphins – came the whales. Every time she was gifted with spending time in the ocean close to the whales, it was heart opening and healing…and so much mor. Now she enjoys sharing her experiences with others – in a way that she provides retreats in places, where she knows you will be captivated with the nature, accomodation and the dolphins and whales encounters beyond anything you thought is possible. Moorea being one of them.
Tadeja’s 25 years of experiences in organizing travels all arround the world is assuring your safety and best quality of service during the trip.

Tadeja’s whale

Wau, what a day. Yes, there is a first for everything. And today was my first swim with a whale. He came to the bay and just danced with dolphins and some people, who came just so really very close to him. I was watching from the shore, thinking that he will just make a couple of splashes and leave. But no, he was just there, playing with everybody. I said to myself, ok, I am going in and hopefully he will still be there. Another friend was there with me, she also jumped in the water and off we went. After about 30 meters, I asked the dolphins (with whom I swam just half an hour before for more then an hour, all by myself) to show me where the whale was. Sure enough, they came – from across the bay, around 50 of them and were just swimming at the speed that I could still keep up with hem – leading me towards the open sea….. After a while – they speeded up and were gone. So it was just me and the friend in the middle of nothing… The people that we saw before swimming with the whale, were gone… we just sat there for a couple of minutes, looking in all directions – and then, just 20 meters away, he comes up to the surface…. My heart was pounding, from excitement and yes, also a bit of a fear. Never the less – I have never been really close to the whale, other then from the boat. I only knew how big they can be.. So I swam towards him, and then I saw my other friend, who already had swam with them before, waving with her hand to come closer. And there he was, about 15 feet bellow, almost on the sandy bottom of the ocean, resting, barely moving… It was just my friend and myself with him, alone, for several minutes, before the rest of the people swam closer.
I was just floating on the water, right above him, hardly moving.. All I felt was my heart – like it was growing and growing, widening in a circle that never stopped growing… It was just him and myself ( that is how I felt, the rest of the people stayed a bit further away ) … For minutes. And then he started to move real slow, towards the surface. He was moving so slowly and with his fins close to him, like he did not want to hurt anyone. I moved towards his head. He opened his eyes, and looked into mine. And we swam together, and everything else disappeared. He took a breath, make a couple of turns, and went back to the bottom, to rest. We were with him probably around 30 minutes. Every time he came to get the air, we were looking at each other… All the fear was long gone… there was just my heart, still wide opened, and the ocean of love all around me.. 20 some tone huge body and yet so much gentleness and.. and.. and…
I was reading about that, the long eye contact with whales, and how that can change you. I heard people talking about it… But until it happens, you can’t really know. Just can not. No way one can put that into words…
So yes, that was my first. I am sure there will be others, but the first one is always special, isn’t it ?
One more funny coincidence… my mom would turn 80 years old today.
And somehow I feel it is also her present to me, and me to her – thinking of her. Love you mom, wherever you are
Mahalo. Aloha. Amen.♥

Charmian Redwood

Charmian had an NDE where she returned to the Source and reclaimed Oneness. Since that time she has devoted her life to assisting others to experience their own Divine Essence through the use of Hypnotherapy. She is now a channel for teachers of the Higher Realms including whales and dolphins who are helping humanity to prepare themselves for Ascension. She teaches classes on self-empowerment.

For more information see:  www.cominghometolemuria.com

The whales are waiting!

My first encounter with whales was when I was snorkeling in the ocean and had a humpback whale swim right up to me and look into my eyes. It was an experience I will never forget. He came from half a mile away to within 6 feet of me, swam by me so carefully and looked right into my eye. My heart opened as it never had before and I was carried into bliss. He was only feet away from me when he turned on his side and put his fins on either side of me as if he was trying to hug me. I had tears in my eyes as I was filled with unconditional love from this gentle giant.

I am now able to offer such an experience with you on this retreat to Tahiti.

Please join us and share this with your community.The whales are waiting!

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